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Company Research
  Company information, especially credit information of your partner or client companies are essential information for you to avoid any risks or to make an investment plan for expanding your business in Vietnam.

  With more than 840,000 local or foreign company data, we serve you with the most accurate and up-to-date company information.

Available data
※As of 30/9/2020 Number of companies in which financial
data available
Listed company 748 All
Unlisted company (Foreign) 28,932 28,773
Unlisted company (Local) 896,783 820,111
Types of report, Price and delivery date.
Types Price/delivery time Download Order
Comprehensive with industrial review Sample
3 year financial statement 1100~1500USD/12 working days ~
2 year financial statement 1000~1400USD/12 working days ~
1 year financial statement 900~1400USD/12 working days ~
Standard no industrial review Sample
3 year financial statement 800~1100USD/10 working days ~
2 year financial statement 700~1000USD/10 working days ~
1 year financial statement 600~1000USD/10 working days ~
Basic selected financial
data only
300USD~/5 working days ~ Sample
Content Comprehensive Standard Basic
Company profile
License - History of registration ×
Products & services ×
Outstanding Loans※※ ×
Classification of debts※※ ×
Loan situation in recent 12 months※※ ×
Bad debt history in recent 5 years※※ ×
Industry review × ×
List of Top 10 companies by Sales Revenue & Market Shares × ×
Board of management and shareholders Shareholders only
Subsidiary/ Branch ×
Balance Sheet ×
Income Statement ×
Financial indicators ×
Financial charts ×
Credit ratings ×
Financial Highlights※※※ × ×
Company name, Native name, Registration address, Operation address, TEL, FAX,
Email, Website, Established date, Listed year, Tax code, Tax code issued date
Business Registration No., Legal form, Status of business, Main business lines,
Authorized capital, Total employees
Only when company has outstanding loan
※※※Total Assets, Equity, Net Sales and Net profit after tax.
Research Options
Revenue of each business line / Salary and payable days added into Comprehensive / Standard report as option.
① Revenue of main business line and other business lines (1 year)
② Total employees (3 years)
③ Total labourers' income (3 years)
④ Average salary per employee (3 years)
⑤ Frequently pay to workers (3 years)
⑥ Account payable days (3 years)
Business registration info (past 3 years) added into Basic report only as option. Standard and Comprehensive report include this information. +100USD
List up research
items(maximum 10 companies) ①Company name(Vietnamese・English・Japanese)
②Investment nation (local/foreign owned)
③Listed/ unlisted
⑨Main registered business
600USD~/ Industry・Region
3 working days ~
※Region: North / Central / South
Ranking research
items ①Company name
③Tax code
④Legal representative
⑤Main registered business
⑥Capital sources and funds
⑦ranking based on Sales/PAT/no. of employee
600USD/10 companies
*price may vary depending on industries
Vietnam listed company information
Vietnam company information Financial Statements of listed company 200USD / 3 working days
Sample company report (comprehensive)

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